Author: Craig Dabelstein

How to teach emotion

How to teach emotionHow to teach emotion

Music is a special language to communicate feeling. All aspects of music performance—composing, repertoire selection, programming, rehearsal technique, conducting and baton technique, recording—should stem from this fundamental truth. Unfortunately, when

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The Nancy Affair The History Since the storming of the Bastille, on the 14 July 1789, unrest had been spreading among the regiments of the French Army. Although the officers

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The Iron Garden In 2017 American composer Jerome Sorsek made two trips to the national parks of southern Utah. He was so fascinated with what he saw there that in

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A whole world of the deepest thoughts Known simply as the Chaconne, this work is the last movement of Bach’s Partita No. 2 in D minor for solo violin (BWV

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As a first foray into composition in 1987, acclaimed conductor David Whitwell created a two-movement, 11 minute-long symphony for band depicting the "dark side of the Viennese Waltz."

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On the 14 July 1790, at the Festival of the Federation in Paris, François-Joseph Gossec performed his Te Deum in front of an audience of 400,000 and forever changed the

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Ponchielli's arrangement of The Carnival of Venice, composed for band in 1868, is a tour de force for the whole ensemble, not just one soloist.

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In 1845, in an effort to gain a contract to supply instruments to the French military, the bands of Adolphe Sax and Michele Carafa competed against each other in front

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Did Beethoven compose any music for band? Find out about Beethoven's works for band we've forgotten, and hear the real story behind his work Wellington's Victory.