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Vaughan Williams for Band: A Repertoire List

I don’t know whether I like it, but it is what I meant.—Ralph Vaughan Williams

Vaughan Williams has always been a favourite among band conductors as he was one of the first composers of the twentieth century to write for the concert band (military band) as a serious medium for aesthetic music (the English Folk Song Suite was composed in 1923 for band and later arranged for orchestra). Since then, various original works and transcriptions of Vaughan Williams’ have become standards in the band repertoire, most notably:

  • Flourish for Wind Band (1939)
  • Linden Lea (1901)
  • English Folk Song Suite (1923)
  • Sea Songs (1923)
  • Toccata Marziale (1924)
The following list is by no means exhaustive. New arrangements are being written all the time and there are smaller, boutique publishers popping up around the world. It is very difficult to keep up with every new arrangement on the market.
Any discussion of repertoire is always going to be subjective. What appeals to one won’t necessarily appeal to another.
All the lists of repertoire I recommend are curated. There are no pop songs, show tunes or film scores. There are also (generally) no medleys, even if they are of works by Beethoven or Bach. Although the arranger’s intention is to present more than one work to the students as an educational aim, medleys fail the composer by changing the impression his work was supposed to have, often turning three aesthetic compositions into an entertainment spectacle (medleys also often have stupid titles.)

Any arrangement that changes the style intended by the composer is also left out. Arrangements that have the words ‘Rock’ or ‘Boogie’ in the title should be burned.

Tips for conductors

As with playing any transcription, playing Vaughan Williams is not only an opportunity for the students, but also an opportunity for the conductor to better their practice. Always listen to the works in their original form and watch videos of the great conductors, both band and orchestral.

A personal favourite

Of all the works of Vaughan Williams that I have both performed and conducted, one stands out as my personal favourite: Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus (1939) arr. Stephen Gregson. It is one of those works that I can listen to over and over again and never tire of.

Level 1

Title Arranger Publisher Duration Recording
Linden Lea arr. Wagner Alfred/Belwin 2:21

Level 2

Title Arranger Publisher Duration Recording
Linden Lea arr. Stout Boosey & Hawkes 3:00
Sussex Carol arr. Anne McGinty Queenwood 2:27
Solemn Procession (From the Fourth Movement of A London Symphony) arr. Wagner Alfred/Belwin 3:36

Level 3

Title Arranger Publisher Duration Recording
Golden Vanity arr. Wagner Alfred/Belwin 4:51
Rhosymedre arr. Walter Beeler Galaxy Music 3:46
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis arr. Jay Bocook Hal Leonard 3:51
Flourish for Wind Band Ralph Vaughan Williams Oxford University Press 2:00
The Lowlands of Scotland (Alister McAlpines Lament) arr. Daehn Daehn Publications 2:57
Folk Songs from the Eastern Counties arr. Wagner Alfred/Belwin 3:29
Three Studies in English Folk Song arr. Harbison Alfred 4:54
Sine Nomine arr. Bullock Alfred
Silent Noon arr. Huckeby CL Barnhouse 4:13
I got me Flowers arr. Jos van de Braak Baton Music
Well Met My Own True Love arr. Larry Daehn Daehn Publications 4:01
Three Dorset Songs arr. Douglas Stotter Daehn Publications
I Vow to Thee My Country Gustav Holst, setting by Ralph Vaughan Williams G. Schirmer
Sine Nomine arr. J Cacavas Alfred

Level 4

Title Arranger Publisher Duration Recording
Sea Songs Ralph Vaughan Williams Boosey & Hawkes 4:00
Sea Songs arr. Longfield Boosey & Hawkes 4:16
Fantasia on Greensleeves arr. Wagner Alfred/Belwin 5:02
March Past of the Kitchen Utensils arr. Paul Erwin Music By Paul Erwin 3:20
Flourish for Glorious John arr. Boyd Ludwig-Masters Publications
Overture to the Wasps Rens van Leeuwen Baton Music
Fantasia Jos van de Braak Baton Music
49th Parallel-Prelude arr. L Osmon G&M Brand
Sine Nomine arr. Alfred Reed Alfred
The Running Set arr. Daehn Daehn Publications 6:04

Level 5

Title Arranger Publisher Duration Recording
English Folk Song Suite Ralph Vaughan Williams Boosey & Hawkes 12:00
Five English Folk Songs arr. Evan Feldman Tierolff-Muziekcentrale BV
Variations for Wind Band arr. Donald Hunsberger Boosey & Hawkes 13:40
Norfolk Rhapsody Oxford University Press
Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus arr. Gregson Oxford University Press 10:20

Level 6

Title Arranger Publisher Duration Recording
Toccata Marziale ed. Battisti Boosey & Hawkes
Toccata Marziale Ralph Vaughan Williams Boosey & Hawkes 4:45
Overture to the Wasps arr. Frank M. Hudson TRN Music 9:58

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