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The time has come for band conductors to reconsider what they are offering the public and to wonder if perhaps they would be offering a higher contribution to their town to serve to enlighten their listeners, rather than merely entertain them.

The future of the aesthetic wind band is at stake.



Marches for Wind Band and Brass Band by Alex Lithgow

“There is something so different and so wonderfully snappy about the marches of Lithgow. Once you have heard a Lithgow march you won’t rest until you have heard them all.”

“Invercargill, that wonderful Australian march hit … holds all records for sales, and is the most remarkable hit we have published in years.” — Carl Fischer, NY.

Lithgow, March of the ANZACs
Lithgow, Land of Moa
Walch, Funeral March

Johann Heinrich Walch, Funeral March

Performed during the funeral procession for Queen Elizabeth II (and for many other members of the royal family including King Edward II, the Queen Mother, and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh).

Right-Hemisphere Conducting cover


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Music composed for the Retour des Cendres

The RETOUR DES CENDRES (“return of the ashes”) was the return of the mortal remains of Napoleon Bonaparte from the island of Saint Helena to France and the burial in Hôtel des Invalides in Paris in 1840.

Haley, Marche Heroique
Adolphe Adam, Marche Funèbre
Daniel Auber, Marche Funebre

Latest scores

Whitwell, A Joyful Allegro, cover

Photo by Steve Johnson 📷 @artbystevej

Hewerdine, remembrance Fanfare
David Whitwell, Adagio for Wind Orchestra
Beethoven, String Quartet op. 131, cover

Cover photo by Vlad Bagacian

Mehul, Prayer of Joseph
Vogel, Overture to Demophon
Music of The Pearl

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