My name is Craig Dabelstein. I research and publish music for concert band to provide conductors around the world with alternatives to the offerings from the big music education publishers. My store, Maxime’s Music, includes amazing wind music from the Baroque Hautboisten period, the Classical Harmoniemusik period, band works from the French Revolution, masterpieces from the nineteenth century (the true golden age of bands), as well as contemporary music from established composers whose only priority is the honest communication of feeling.

Since I was a teenager I’ve had a love of bands. I’ve performed with bands and I’ve conducted bands.

My love of bands has grown into an obsession with repertoire. I have listened to every recording of band music and studied every score of wind music I could find, from the Renaissance through to contemporary compositions.

I became more and more dissatisfied with the quality of music published and performed by bands around the world, and so I established a music publishing business, Maxime’s Music, to publish what I consider to be only the best band music of the highest aesthetic quality.