Sorcsek, Captain Christmas Overture

AUD $95

Captain Christmas Overture is an exhilarating work for Level 5 band.


Jerome Sorcsek
Captain Christmas Overture
for concert band

Year: 2014
Duration: 13 minutes
Level 5

Score preview

In the mid-1990s I wrote a long story — somewhat autobiographical – about a decade in the adult life of a certain Peter Platter, who captains his own dual journey from the East Coast to the West, and from academics to technology. In the midst of the comedy that is his life, the main attraction each year is the visit from the In-laws at Christmas – when the fun really begins. I thought about how the opening music would sound if this were a show in a theater. The result is Captain Christmas Overture. The audience will hear the main theme of the protagonist, distorted references to “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus” and “Silent Night”, maybe the prospect of a new Christmas song, and the approach of the Christmas season with sounds of the clip-clop of hooves and sleigh bells.

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