Sorcsek, Symphony in Four Chorale Preludes

AUD $95

A four-movement symphony for band.


Jerome Sorcsek
Symphony in Four Chorale Preludes
for concert band

Year: 1977
Duration: 24 minutes
Level 5

Score preview

After composing a few titles for concert band, I decided it was time for some chorale preludes — a favorite form among band composers. By definition, these are chorale preludes — idiomatically and according to custom, not so much. They veer sharply from that which is spiritual and contemplative, and place the listener within a darker sphere of influence. The single exception is the third movement whose light-hearted nature borders on raucous humor. The first two movements are lamentations over abuses of Nature. The final movement is a recalcitrant farewell to life, the kind that Dylan Thomas so passionately described.

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