Sorcsek, Etude Symphonique

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A serious work for mature bands by acclaimed composer Jerome Sorcsek.


Jerome Sorcsek
Etude Symphonique

Date: 1992, transcribed for band 2020
Instrumentation: Concert Band
Difficulty: level 4+, medium
Duration: 6:30

Chamber music can often be transcribed and expanded for performance by a large ensemble, and Etude Symphonique is an example of how this can be done with satisfying effect. The original piece was scored for violin, horn and piano as a companion piece to the Brahms Trio on a set of programs performed by friends of mine in California during the spring of 1992. I sketched three additional movements with plans for a complete multi-movement work, but never finished the project. In reconsidering the work, I thought it, as a stand-alone piece, could be used as a suitable opening number for a concert played by a large band or orchestra. This is the result.

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