Sorcsek, Symphony in One Movement

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Symphony in One Movement, composed in 1981, 19 minutes, was originally scored for orchestra and transcribed for concert band in 2020.


Jerome Sorcsek
Symphony in One Movement

Date: 1981, transcribed 2020
Instrumentation: Concert Band
Difficulty: level 5, medium advanced
Duration: 19:00

Symphony in One Movement, composed in 1981, was originally scored for orchestra and remained unperformed. This transcription for concert band was made early in 2020, with modifications to the beginning section plus extension of the coda.

The energetic influence of mid-20th century United States is strongly evident throughout the piece. I composed it not long after I moved to the Los Angeles area, and at the time I thought it not a bad idea to make inquiries into the film industry. I needed something along the lines of film music in my portfolio, and that was to be Symphony in One Movement. Being unlike anything I had composed up to that point, it offers a somewhat commercial appeal.

However, I never found my way into film music, and the rest – as it is said – is history. Now, the intention is for Symphony to be a worthy addition to the band repertoire.

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