Sorcsek, Cyclette

AUD $80

A three-movement suite for band based entirely on one theme.


Jerome Sorcsek

Date: 1984
Instrumentation: Concert Band
Difficulty: level 4, medium
Duration: 16:00

Cyclette is a monothematic work. All three of its movements are based on one single theme that appears differently from one movement to the next. After the introductory flourishes in the first movement, the first seven notes that form the kernel of the theme are stated. The first movement is scored for brass, timpani and percussion. The second is scored for woodwinds, tuba, timpani and percussion. The entire band is used in the third movement which is also the largest and most extensive of the three movements. The piece is succinct and cyclic, thus the diminutive title – a small cycle. It was commissioned by University of California, Berkeley in 1984.

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