Sorcsek, Adagio and Allegro

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Adagio and Allegro for wind quintet by Jerome Sorcsek – rhythmic insistence, melancholic introversion, nervous agitation, emotional exhaustion.


Jerome Sorcsek
Adagio and Allegro

Instrumentation: wind quintet
Duration: 13:00

Score preview

Adagio and Allegro is a piece tightly conceived from beginning to end. All the thematic material for the entire work is introduced in the Adagio as terse statements. The themes appear in the Allegro expanded and with rhythmic insistence. Stylistically, the piece alternates between melancholic introversion and nervous agitation, and ends with a sense of emotional exhaustion. For your next program, this is an excellent choice to pair in contrast to any of the fine lyrical works from the wind quintet repertoire.

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